• Provides an individual address for each unit before mounting them in the Duct system, it will make future steps and operation much easier.
  • You can order your units already “running number” them with re-address I3D with one software. The default address for all units is “1”. %3D %3D

Selecting a specific unit – allows you to monitor and control it:

  • Turn unit on/off.
  • Manually perform a cleaning procedure.
  • Set output power (Default password: 1234).
  • Set cleaning schedule.
Combi Rack specifications
Product no: IP10-00-001SterionizerCompi rackProfile 900 mmWith 2 brackets
Product no: IP6-25V-212SterionizerD6 Pocket2 x M12 connector (m+f)Set
Product no: IP9-231-X151SterionizerControl boxM12 connectorFor 15 x D6
Air Flow Rateup to 90.000 m³
Min Air Velocity (m/s)Min. 0.3 m/s
No. of integrated Sterionizers D61-15 Units
Operation EnvironmentTemp. (-10) – (+70)°C, Hum. 20-93% non-condensing
Power Supply AdapterUS Version: 110 V, 1 Phase, 60 HZ EU Version: 230 V, 1 Phase, 50 HZ
Combi Rack Input Power12/24 V AC/DC, 600 mA, isolated
Control Network ConnectionModbus RS485
Outside DimensionsAccording to the Air Handing Unit
Recommended ion Concentration1000 to 30000 ions per cm³ in condeteoned spaces
Recommended distance from the air outlet in a duck systemMax.30

After connecting the SterionizerTM D6 units of your system with a data cable – 1. Connect the last unit to a serial (RS485) converter and to the computer. (NI0-5611) 2. Install the SterionizerTM Software. 3. Set the right connection port and press “Connect” 4. Please wait until you see the “Overview All Units” and you all your connected units are green

Manual setting the address of each unit


The Sterionizer™
product overview

In natural habitats, solar and earth-based thermal energies create positive and negative ions that clean and renew outdoor air by removing harmful pollutants, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores. The Sterionizer™ generates these same positive and negative ions — just like those found in nature — that purify and freshen indoor air by eliminating the harmful pollutants mentioned above.
The Sterionizer™ is a compact electronic module that can easily be integrated into various air treatment products, such as central
air conditioners (duct systems), refrigerators, air purifiers, humidifiers and de-humidifiers, blowers, ventilators, cold stores and more.