Test reports

A Proven

The Sterionizer™ Bipolar Ionization Technology was tested and proven effective in the elimination of a wide variety of harmful substances. Testing was carried out in cooperation with the world’s most renown research institutions

SubstanceSubstance NameTesting OrganizationRemoval
BarcteriaEscherichia ColiEMSL Analytical, USA
Setsco services, Singapore
Escherichia Coli ATCCIstanbul University, Turkey91%
Staphylococcus aureusEMSL Analytical, USA91%
Pseudomonas aeruginosaIstanbul University, Turkey99%
Staphylococcus aureus MRSAEMSL Analytical, USA97%
FungusAspergillus NigerEMSL Analytical, USA90%
Dichobotrys abundansProf. Joe F. Boatman, USA95%
PenicilliumProf. Joe F. Boatman, USA97%
MoldCladosporium cladosporioidesEMSL Analytical, USA89%
SporesBacillus subtilis var nigerIstanbul University, Turkey99%
VirusesInfluenza H1N1Kitasato Research Center, Japan99%
Influenza H5N1Kasetsart University, Thiland99.9%
Sars Covid 2 (covid 19)Surface – Innovative Bioanalysis, USA
Aerosols – Hay lab, Ministry of Heath, Israel
99.9% after 5 minutes
Bortytis – Fruits & vegetablesThe Volcani Center – Ministry of Agriculture, IsraelDelayed development