RHINO 1030

The RHINO 1030 unit – in its ceiling version, was characterized in cooperation with representatives
from the Ministry of Education for classrooms and kindergartens, focusing on four key components:

  • NOISE LEVEL – Extremely quiet system – 36 db at 500cmh, 44db at 800cmh.
  • EFFICIENCY – 500cmh – 1,2oocmh and up to 8 air exchanges per hour in an average classroom.
  • SAFETY – To prevent an access for children and it DOES NOT use any UV/C lights ( NO risk of exposure).
  • MAINTENANCE – Easy to use, just plug and play with an easy filter replacement once a year.


The RHINO 1030 is an Independent and powerful stand-alone unit for handling and filtering harmful particles (viruses, bacteria and more) in the room’s space thus improving the air quality dramatically.

The RHINO 1030 is a combined system MERV-14 filter and pre-filter G3, allowing using an optional feature as a HEPA filter as well as a BUILT IN STERIONIZER D5 Board, for eliminating harmful microorganisms and viruses.

The RHINO 1030 was specifically designed and customized for closed and large areas for up to 150 square meters.

The RHINO 1030 is an extremely quiet unit producing ONLY 44 decibels (DB) at 800 cmh.

A simple operation as well as an extremely “User Friendly” unit to both, operate and maintain.

The single CEILING UNIT version was specially customized for classrooms and kindergartens, but also for all kind of large spaces such as shops, conference rooms, hospitals, hotels’ lobbies, dining rooms and many more…

Optional – An additional D6 unit on the outer side of the RHINO 1030 for more ions to spread in the room.

The Rhino 1030 unit – in its ceiling version , was characterized in cooperation with representatives from the Ministry of Education for classrooms and kindergartens with focusing on five key components:

  • NOISE LEVEL – extremely quiet system – 36 db at 500cmh, 44db at 800cmh

  • EFFICIENCY – 500cmh – 1,200cmh . Up to 8 air exchanges per hour in an average classroom.

  • SAFETY- The Celling version of the RHINO 1030, preventing an access for children and it DOES NOT use any UV/C lights (NO risk of exposure).

  • MAINTENANCE – Easy to use , just plug and play . Easy filter replacement once a year.

  • The STERIONIZER D5 kills all virus, bacteria, mold, spore, fungi, that is captured in the filter



The process performed


Air Purification Systems in Schools’ Classrooms:


Air purification systems were tested in closed spaces by some of the world’s leading laboratories, showing a reduction of the presence of viruses in the air by 99.5%!, thus helping to prevent corona infection in classrooms without the need of any ventilation solutions.


These systems also have long-term benefits in preventing infection of other diseases that are common in the education system (Influenza and others) and thus will also lead to a reduction in student absences due to illness and significant savings in filling hours due to teachers’ absences as well as the rest of the school’s staff.


In the Ministry of Health, a committee was established to examine technological solutions for air treatment in enclosed spaces, headed by Professor Yehuda Carmeli. The committee examined about 40 companies and recommended about ten by meeting the criteria set by the committee. These systems were tested and approved in a pilot led by the Ministry of Education.


Pilot results – Reducing multiple illnesses in classrooms in Israel.

A comparison of sample classes versus control (chance of presence of at least N patients in the class)


Summary of measurements in schools from the province of Marche, Italy

(Publication – March 2022) 

“Risk of infection in the classroom” frequency of the “Second patient in the classroom” given (following) the first confirmed patient.

Across 316 sample classes (including about 10,000 control classes) over a period of 4.5 months (between 13/09/21 and 31/01/2022).

Stabilization to the number of students in a class and to the numerous categories of the number of air exchanges per hour.


A 60% reduction on average in the risk of infection.

The rate of risk reduction increases with the number of air changes per hour, with an 80% reduction in classrooms with 4.7 – 6.7 changes per hour (700 mks and above).




  • The coronavirus spreads through the air in mainly enclosed spaces in crowded classrooms without the exchange of outside air.
  • Air purification and replacement systems effectively treat the air and clean it off viruses (all coronaviruses include seasonal flu and other aerial diseases).
  • The Ministries of Health and Education have conducted rigorous tests for over a year to confirm the efficacy and safety of the devices. The results in Israel and around the world demonstrate an apparent reduction in illness through these systems.
  • The new variants are more contagious than the ones we have experienced until now, and therefore, the effect of replacement and air purification is even more significant.
  • Elimination of the obligation to use masks removes a layer of protection! Air exchangers and air purifiers are of even greater importance.
  • It is recommended to install the systems as soon as possible (and monitor their operation in the classrooms!).
  • Preference is given to systems with a high rate of exchange/purification of air (minimum – 350 mks per class, it is recommended to choose as high flow rates as possible, for example, 400-600 mks.


Rnino 1030   
1Avarage class room size140 Cubic M’2.8 x 7 x 7 m’
2Air flow760CMH
3Avarage excange an hour4.9
4Noise level44DB
6Passive technologyYes
7FilterF8Merv 14
80.6A210 – 230V
11Size 40 x 60 x 60
12Weight22 kg
13D5 unit12v30 mA
14Optional D612v200 mA


Approved by the Israeli’s ministries of Health and Education.

The Sterionizer™
product overview

In natural habitats, solar and earth-based thermal energies create positive and negative ions that clean and renew outdoor air by removing harmful pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores. The STERIONIZER™ generates these same positive and negative ions — just like those found in nature — that purify and freshen indoor air by eliminating the harmful pollutants mentioned above.
The STERIONIZER™ is a compact electronic module that can easily be integrated into various air treatment products, such as central air conditioners (duct systems), refrigerators, air purifiers, humidifiers and de-humidifiers, blowers, ventilators, cold stores and more.